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  • Ahmed Elbatrawy on The Benefits of Green business

    Ahmed Elbatrawy Asks What is Green Revolution ? Hey wait, I am not talking about the Green Revolution that took place in the Agriculture sector. I am talking about green technology revolution which is related to our Environment and its conservation. Now-a-days with the increase in Global warming it is becoming harder for people to survive. Deforestation and pollution are making things worse for the survival of human race. The green technology revolution is the only possible answer to stop this destruction. As a society, we need to do these things for our future, for national security, to save money and to protect the environment and fight climate change.>>>read more
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    • Zuma art polarizes South Africa

      Johannesburg, South Africa (CNN) — A lawyer breaks down sobbing in court. The president’s children sit in the public gallery. The secretary general of the ruling party, the African National Congress, sits behind them. Outside, military veterans and riot police hold back crowds dancing in support of the president. This is no normal high court case hearing. At issue is “The Spear,” a piece of artwork depicting the President of South Africa as a Lenin figure with his genitals exposed, accused of offending the dignity of Jacob Zuma. The painting has pitched culture and tradition against constitutional rights. It has [...]


    • Spanish banking woes threaten Europe

      Problems at Bankia and other Spanish banks could force a European bailout of the Spanish banking system. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The Spanish banking system has taken center stage in the ongoing European debt crisis drama. The bursting of a housing bubble that was formed by the combination of cheap credit and Spain’s attractive climate has left Spain’s banking system teetering under a mountain of bad loans. Spain’s central bank has identified about €300 billion in problem loans at the nation’s banks. Massive bank bailouts are clearly on the way. Late Friday, Spain’s fourth-largest bank, Bankia, asked the nation’s central [...]

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