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Ahmed Elbatrawy Asks What is Green Revolution ?

Hey wait, I am not talking about the Green Revolution that took place in the Agriculture sector. I am talking about green technology revolution which is related to our Environment and its conservation. Now-a-days with the increase in Global warming it is becoming harder for people to survive. Deforestation and pollution are making things worse for the survival of human race. The green technology revolution is the only possible answer to stop this destruction. As a society, we need to do these things for our future, for national security, to save money and to protect the environment and fight climate change.

What exactly does going green mean ?

Going green simply means social movement regarding concerns for environmental conservation and improvement of state of the environment. Going green simply means returning to natural living, natural ways of living, and healthy methods of living. Conserving our environment, forests and wild life. It also means breathing fresh air and eating healthy food.

Examples can range from Stopping usage of plastic bags, recyling products and making recycle-able products, stop polluting the atmosphere by dumping electronic waste. stop polluting water by throwing your waste into it. Usage of solar energy for daily chores, relying more on natural source of energy like solar energy. Planting trees and conserving forests etc.

  • There are following benefits of Green living -
  • We will have a healthier planet.
  • We will have constant supply of fresh water.
  • Our health patterns will improve.

We will save a lot of money.

The future generation will benefit a lot from our initiative if we willingly participate in making our environment safe and greener. We have to start from our own home if we intend to make our city and country green. We can join in this cause by doing small things like using solar panels, generating electricity for ourselves. using recycle-able products, planting more trees and gardens. Green technology revolution has also created a lot of business and job opportunities for people California is banking heavily on green technology industries and on the new job opportunities that they will bring. Estimates show that over 70 percent of new jobs will be in green industry or green technology, which means that tens of thousands of workers with specialized training will be required to meet the needs of this booming sector. You can also take a look at these people who have successfully found some very useful products.

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