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How to know if your Mac has the Flashback Trojan

Even if you don't find Flashback Trojan on your Mac, make sure you install the latest Apple security update for Java.

(Mashable) — According to a report Thursday, more than 600,000 Macs could be infected with the nasty Flashback Trojan.

We’ve already detailed how to check your Mac to see if you’re infected — but that requires some command line code, and we know that not all users are comfortable doing that. Now we’ve gone one step further and wrapped those commands into two AppleScripts.

Why two? Well, there are actually two areas of your hard drive that need to be checked for nasty files. These files simply run the terminal commands and let users know if they have anything to worry about. They aren’t the most beautiful creations, but they do the job.


You can download the scripts here (hosted by CloudApp). After unzipping, simply double-click on “trojan-check” and “trojan-check-2.” If you get an image that looks like the image at left (click to enlarge it), you’re in the clear.

If either of the scripts reports something other than “does not exist,” go to F-Secure’s website and follow their removal instructions.

Even if you aren’t infected, make sure you install the latest Apple security update for Java to fix the vulnerability that allowed this nasty exploit to exist in the first place.

Did you find yourself infected? Let us know in the comments.

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